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Wild bird foods and accessories

Wild bird foods

Seed mixes

  • Goughs 'Coarse' wild bird food
    • Good value all-round table and ground food
  • 'Fine' wild bird food (City blend)
    • Finer seed blend good for feeders or tables
  • All seasons 'no mess' mix
    • De-husked table or ground mix ideal for Blackbirds, Thrushes etc...
  • Supreme wild bird food
    • High-quality mixture ideal for feeders, good for finches (includes niger and sunflower hearts)
  • Robin & Songbird mix
  • Wintamix


Sunflower seeds

  • Hearts
  • Black
  • Striped



  • Whole
  • Chopped
  • Nuts in shells


Niger seeds


Fat balls

  • Small & Large
  • Netted & Un-netted


Suet cylinders


Suet/Fat blocks

  • Meal worm
  • Insect
  • Berry


Suet logs


Suet nuggets

  • Assorted flavours


Fat-filled coconuts

  • Half
  • Whole


Dried meal worms



Bird tables


Nut and seed feeders

  • Assorted sizes and prices
  • Squirrel proof


Window feeders


Fat ball & slab holders


Nest boxes