Goughs Pet Store
Goughs Pet Store


Shampoos (various brands and types)


Flea products

  • Tablets (Johnsons)
  • Drops (Bob Martin)
  • Sprays (various brands)
  • Powders (Johnsons)
  • Shampoos (various brands)
  • Household sprays (various brands)
  • Collars (various soft & plastic)



  • Cod-liver oils (Vitapet)
  • Yumega coat supplement


Joint care

  • Vetzyme tablets
  • Yumove tablets
  • Joint-aid liquid (Beaphar)


Condition supplements

  • Vetzyme tablets
  • Kitzyme tablets
  • Verm-X
  • Vionate powder


Household products

  • Stain & odour removers


This is just a small selection of the ranges and products available. Please call for more details