Goughs Pet Store
Goughs Pet Store


We stock a wide range of pet products including:-


  • Dog foods
  • Cat foods
  • Wild bird foods and feeders
  • Caged bird foods and accessories
  • Poultry feeds and products
  • Small animal food and accessories
  • Dog & cat accessories
  • Dog coats
  • Grooming products 


Microchipping information

Please be aware that as of April, 2016 all dogs of any age are required by law to have a microchip.


Please contact us for further information or assistance.


New Products

'Beco Things' - Eco friendly products



  • Beco Toys (100% Natural Rice Husk Rubber)
    • Beco Ball
    • Beco Bone
    • Beco Hoop
  • Beco Bowls (Rice Husk & Bamboo)
    • Sustainable and bio-degradable
  • Beco Spork (Rice Husk & Bamboo)
    • Fork/Spoon
  • Beco Bags
    • Degradable poop bags


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