Goughs Pet Store
Goughs Pet Store

Cage bird foods and accessories


Budgie mix (loose)*


British finch mix (loose)*


Canary mix (loose)*


Foreign finch mix i.e. Zebra finch (loose)*


Lovebird & Parakeet mix i.e. Cockatiels (loose)*


Parrot feast (loose)*


Parrot mix, fruity (loose)*


Millet sprays (loose)*


Stripped sunflower seeds (loose)*


* bulk purchases also available


Cede egg food (1kg box)


Trill budgie seed (500g box)



Sand (loose)


Mineralised grit (loose)


Sandsheets (various sizes)


Sanded perch covers


Wooden budgie nest boxes


Treats and supplements

Iodine blocks




Vitakraft sticks

  • Canary
  • Budgie
  • Parrot


Johnsons bird treats

  • Honey bars
  • Honey bells
  • Parrot bumper bars


Shaws egg biscuits


Johnsons caged bird supplements

  • Caged bird tonic
  • Scaly lotion
  • Mite & insect spray


Trill toppers 


Small range of traditional toys also available




  • Rekord 2
    • Small cage, suitable for a pair of finches
  • Rekord 3
    • Medium cage, suitable for a single (or pair) budgie or canary
  • Rekord 4
    • Larger cage, ideal for pair of budgies or canaries
  • Sonia
    • Cockatiel cage


Accessories for all cages also available