Goughs Pet Store
Goughs Pet Store

Cage bird foods and accessories


Budgie mix (loose)*

  • 1kg @ £1.28


British finch mix (loose)*


Canary mix (loose)*


Foreign finch mix i.e. Zebra finch (loose)*


Lovebird & Parakeet mix i.e. Cockatiels (loose)*


Parrot feast (loose)*


Parrot mix, fruity (loose)*


Millet sprays (loose)*

  • 100g @ 35p


Stripped sunflower seeds (loose)*


* bulk purchases also available


Cede egg food (1kg box)


Trill budgie seed (500g box)



Sand (loose)

  • 1kg @ 60p
  • 3.5kg @ £1.80


Mineralised grit (loose)


Sandsheets (various sizes)


Sanded perch covers


Wooden budgie nest boxes


Treats and supplements

Iodine blocks




Vitakraft sticks

  • Canary
  • Budgie
  • Parrot


Johnsons bird treats

  • Honey bars
  • Honey bells
  • Parrot bumper bars


Shaws egg biscuits


Johnsons caged bird supplements

  • Caged bird tonic
  • Scaly lotion
  • Mite & insect spray


Trill toppers 


Small range of traditional toys also available




  • Rekord 2
    • Small cage, suitable for a pair of finches
  • Rekord 3
    • Medium cage, suitable for a single (or pair) budgie or canary
  • Rekord 4
    • Larger cage, ideal for pair of budgies or canaries
  • Sonia
    • Cockatiel cage


Accessories for all cages also available